logo lpdd rogneIn Niger, one out of five children do not reach the age of 5 because of water-borne diseases.

This is the highest child mortality rate in the world.


Our website welcomes all those who refuse the death of 2000 babies every year due to the lack of clean water, and those who share the same goal as “The Desert Wells” and the “NGO Tidène”.

 Let’s build together the wells of heroes together !

Today, we have 280 water points built or rehabilitated, that is:
112 pastoral wells
141 vegetable wells
29 village wells
4 solar boreholes

And we have built and implemented:
16 classes in 8 schools
4 women’s cooperatives with donkey carts
5 grain mills
1 health center built and visited by nearly 5,000 people
1 vegetable and cereal cooperative created which has already sold more than 1000 tonnes of onions, potatoes, etc.

We support more than 80,000 people in the Agadez region, including 120 ex-combatants who have been converted into gardeners.

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