P10003012016 began with difficulty, our years of support and presence in Niger lengthen, and efforts find their legitimacy in the trust and confidence of the population and the technical and financial partners.

We are still far away from the 400 wells, which ideally would significantly improve the lives of the Nigerien people, but we made half the way and we are proud of.

DSC_0443250 wells in our counter to this day!

100 pastoral wells

130 wells maraichers

20 village wells

We are more than ever mobilized in a “desert” area .

Despite the geopolitical problems of the African sub-region and neighboring countries, we continue tirelessly our support for this area of Niger, stripped of all external support, is dramatic situation of “survival”.

It is urgent, and it would be criminal to abandon these populations, it is unacceptable to leave an unsafe water and rare poison children (the infant mortality rate from waterborne diseases in northern Niger is the highest in the world) .

repas enfants

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