carte puits implantation-1Niger is a developing country and one of the poorest in the world.

Four-fifths of Niger is a part of the Sahara desert, due to the landlocked position of this country without any coasts. Water is a recurrent problem in Niger. Despite the difficulties, the Desert Wells and “Tidene” work in the most challenging part of this country, the “Tidene Valley”, where few other NGOs operate. Located right on the edge of the desert, the people of this region have little means to get food, medical assistance, or to live.

It’s essential to develop easy access to water not just for drinking but also to enable the growing of vegetables gardens that will lead to essential food security. Local people are self-willed, dynamic and optimistic. They just need support to build or rehabilitate wells that will give them autonomy and enable the development of their valley. With the help of “Tidene” and the support of the donors of “Les Puits Du Désert”, development and food safety will improve population health and education.

The Tidene Valley

carte vallée de tideneThe Tidene valley is 60 miles long and 25 miles wide. It is located in the Aïr mountains, 50 miles to the north of Agadez. When the nomadic people are in, the population is approximately 16,000 people.

A few villages with small four-square mud-brick houses and camps of nomads are scattered between the bush and the sand. Life in the valley seems to be very quiet. Goats are grazing some sparse vegetation while here and there, camels eat the leaves from acacia trees.201_1992

This quietness hides a hard life. A cruel lack of water from a shortage of wells.



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