8-Visite-au-dispensaire-de-Boudari-300x225What kills is not the lack of water, it’s dirty water

In North Niger, the infant mortality rate is among the highest in the world.

Infant mortality rate is 28%, which means that one out of five children don’t reach the age of 5.

Of those children, 80% are due to a lack access to clean water, to hygiene –related diseases and to sanitation.

One of our priorities is to drill drinking water wells. Sanitation and hygiene education is insured by our partners “Les Mamans du Soleil” together with local health workers. The infant mortality rate significantly decreases in places where we have built wells. Access to healthcare is now ensured in the valley by the nursing staff in the Boudari health center.

This health center was built in 2006 and enables the people of the valley to get quality care next to their camp instead of the distant Agadez. Now, lives are saved and mortality has decreased in the valley. This health center is a true haven of peace, a place where the inhabitants come to be trained in hygiene, newborn’s care and  to learn about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Concerning the medical monitoring, the organization “Les Mamans du Soleil” (the Mamas of the Sun) whose membership includes many  medical professionals  is in charge of the management of the Boudari Health Centre. This organization has a partnership with “Les Puits du Désert”.

This medical center is one of the only in the valley and it’s essential for the 16,000 people who live there.

A stock of drugs is regularly renewed.


Trainings in hygiene are provided by “Les Mamans du Soleil” and by Major Moussa Ousseini, around the new built wells.

There are still huge requirements for this health center, for its equipment, its delivery room, for the dormitory etc. All the good will coming from individuals, associations and organizations, working in the medical community are very welcome to help this health center.


Doctor Suzanne Braig and Doctor Françoise Jaquier , from the organization “Les Mamans du Soleil” during their last mission in Niger in September 20147 Santé

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