Sponsorship for children


Although the priority for Tidene NGO is the building or rehabilitation of wells, we also supporting some complementary actions to meet local demand in the Tidene Valley.

The education of children build the future of the people, but schools are scarce and studying is expensive. We built the Lago school, in Wharatakalt, in the Tidene Valley. It is dedicated to the youngest children who live far away from Agadez.

For older students who must study in Agadez, Niamey or  in the sub region , we provide sponsorships to allow children who have succeeded in primary education move onto secondary school. But it is important to note that public high school doesn’t give students the optimal conditions to succeed in their studies because of overcrowded classrooms and frequent teachers strikes, which is reflected in the schooling performances.RENTRéE EN CLASSE

Most of the families cannot afford to pay  for private schools in Agadez or Niamey, although these colleges offer good schooling conditions.

  • That’s why with our support, we make it possible by selecting the right students, specific conditions are required to get a sponsorship:
  • the student and his family must be motivated , the student must commit to be diligent and his school results must be good.
  • working closely with different public school heads in Agadez. They submit to us the school files of students who have good results but not enough money to study in a private school and we seek for families in France to fund them.
  • For a high school student, the price for a complete school year varies between $225 and $280, according to the type of school (college or high school). The total cost is divided into registration, school bus, purchasing of books, uniform and sports gear.
  • Each student remains in close contact with his “sponsoring family” and sends mails, pictures and school reports regularly
  • We track the progress of our “protégé” quarterly and meet with their teachers to keep informed of their progress.

201_2026The president of “Tidene NGO” has regularly meetings with the school directors and they meet the students to take stock of the current situation of each student. Our accountant incurs the expenditure for each student and  provides the “sponsorship family” with a statement of expenditure.

Up to now, 60 children and students have been sponsored. 15 pursue higher education and are supported.

2  ways to help us are:

  • Support us with the sponsorship of students
  • Support us to finance Lago School operations.

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