petits nomadesWe are desert lovers, and we all know how difficult it is to survive there throughout the year.

 In 1996-1997, spurred on by Mano Dayak, many Tuareg created their own travel agencies to share the beauty of the desert with their customersand also to help the lives of their families.

logo lpdd rogne To help more families and to compensate for the stopped tourism industry in Niger due to an increased insecurity in neighboring countries, Christel Pernet and Mohamed Ixa created in 2003 the association “Les Puits du Désert” (“The Desert Wells”) and the association “Tidene”in 2004. These associations seek to help the people of the Tidene Valley (north of Niger) in rural development and development of healthcare, education and craft.


It is an initiative by the Tuareg people for their community during lean times.

coucherdesoleilpuitsOf course, the priority is to allow an easier access to water by drilling wells so water could be used for daily living tasks, for wateringherds;as well as soil irrigation for vegetables and citrus fruit- growing, followed by support to the schools and community clinics.

In Niger, one out of five children do not reach the age of 5 because of water-borne diseases. This is the highest child mortality rate in the world.

 Up to now, over 280 wells ensure access to safe drinking water for many thousands of children.

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