Régine et son boaPNGOur Patron: Régine (Régine is a famous former French singer)

” For seven years, I have the honor to be the Patron of the Association chaired by my friend Christel Pernet. Beyond our strong friendship, we are constantly striving to promote the organization  to the media, major companies and artists. We organize annually prestigious charity events in St Tropez and in Paris. The raised funds allowed us to build wells, schools and a community clinic.”


Our  Patron:  Patrick Baudry, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador (Patrick Baudry is a former French astronaut)

Patrick is actively involved in Africa to help young people. He is confident that education is patrick baudrypnga key part of economic development to climb out of the poverty spiral. He has kindly agreed to become Patron of “Les Puits du Désert”. Today, he is the Patron of the school that we built in the Tidene Valley, near Agadez in northern Niger.



ananaHarouna ANANA, is originally a Tidene Valley native. He is a composer and guitarist of the band Kel Assouf and performs throughout Europe.

Toulou KIKI , is also originally a Tidene Valley native. She is an actress, known for “Timbuktu” , and she is the singer of the band Kel assouf.toulou png

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