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In accordance with the articles of our association, a general assembly is held annually. The terms of office of the members administrative board shall be three years.

President : Christel Pernet
Vice-President : Karim Jeribi
Secretary : Sylviane Meunier
Treasurer : Philippe Osouf

Steering committee
Amiach Fabienne, Drevet Patrice, Dupouy Alain , Ixa Mohamed (representative of TIDENE NGO), Jeribi Karim (vice-président), Mariotte Sylvie,  Meunier Sylvie (secretary), N’Diaye Vanessa (Director of “Les Puits du Désert”),  Osouf Philippe (Treasurer), Pernet Christel (CEO),  Qalam Hakim, De Roton Armelle, Sibelya Jean-Christophe, Sionneau Nadine.

The last annual general meeting was held on 13 May 2017. The term of office of the members of the board has been renewed until June 2019. The annual audit for 2017 and the management and financial report have been approved.

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