Mohamed Ixa


Mohamed Ixa is a famous tourist guide of the Ténéré desert. He used to work together with Mano Dayak and organized thousands of trips with his Travel Agency until 2007. He is an energetic Tuareg who works to promote his country and in particular to promote the Tidene Valley. He founded the organization Tidene in 2004.

He is convinced that development and security in the region are first based on easy access to drinking water. This will then trigger all the other different aspects of the development. He works hard to plead for his people and  their issues.

Together with “Les Puits du Désert”, he works to ensure the drilling of wells and to develop access to education and open community clinics, and keeps a close link with local people and authorities of the Tidene Valley.

Regularly Mohamed Ixa travels to Europe and visits the partners and donors to report in person on the Mohamed Ixaresults of their assistance to his local people. The actions of Mohamed Ixa and his team show local people the necessity of taking charge of their own destiny to improve their living conditions in this semi-desert region.

This initiative of men and women encourages them to become agents of their own development. It provides them with recognition and legitimacy.

“The problem in the Sahel region is not a political problem, it’s an economic problem. By developing our actions that facilitate the social and economic integration of these people, we guarantee the safety and the full development of the Tidene Valley.” Mohamed Ixa

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