American Branch – Desert Wells

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In 2015, Dustin Yee created the American branch of “Les Puits du Désert”. It received approval for raising funds in the United States and conducting activities in the field in Niger.

Dustin use to volunteer for the Red Cross and he spent 21 months with the U.S Army in Afghanistan. He’s been in charge of coordinating the infrastructure for water-, education- and farming access.

Together, with Céline Richard, a French expat in the USA, he founded the American branch of “Les Puits du Désert”, named “The Desert Wells”. Settled in the Silicon Valley, this association will open a means to raise funds from tech companies.

This will be an opportunity to enforce our partnerships with some American foundations and institutions, as we already do with USADF (US African Development Foundation).

To learn more about them, please have a look at their Facebooksite, and the Website Desert Wells.

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