ONG Tidène


The composition of the local team is following:

  • President of the Tidene NGO: Mohamed Ixa, manages the 12 members Board of Directors.
  • Director: Ibrahim Rissa Ixa, (Master degree in Management and Marketing, Annecy, France)wishes to use his experience and his achievements to support his fellow Nigeriens.
  • Accountant: Abdoulaye Kourma
  • Assistant to director: Ali Boukary
  • Security: Hamadi
  • Facility Management: Seydou

Many local people also join the team to help various activities. Among them are some ex-fighters from the Air region, village leaders, spokespeople of local communities, etc. They make field work easier for Tidene NGO.


Ibrahim Rissa Ixa, Director of Tidene NGO

The Tidene NGO has an extensive knowledge of the whole area. We work hard to manage the raised funds in the most appropriate way, for the building and improvement of wells  and also for educational and health support. Every day we check the work progress and collect the needs and opinions of local people. They are very grateful for the cooperation that they received. Local authorities lend us legitimacy and we are proud to be a link in the chain that promotes the development of our region.

The arrival of new technical and financial partners strengthened and motivate us to improve our actions.

Despite the power shortages, despite the “capricious” Internet and phone networks, despite the geographical distance, our team ensures the financial and technical follow-up in the field.  Mohamed IXA manages the relationships with local and regional authorities, as well as with the beneficiary population in Niger. He is in continuous consultation with “Les Puits du Désert” concerning the relationship with the French organizations and donors.

With the help of Ali, I manage the relationship with the Regional Direction of Hydraulics Resources and with the companies  involved in building the wells. We organize missions to monitor , assess and control during wells. constructionOur accountant reviews and reports the accounting situation. » Ibrahim Rissa Ixa

Almoustapha Rhamer Dayak,

President of the Association of the Ex-fighters from the Air Region.



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