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You will find here videos made during field missions, and TV shows that have helped to ensure the visibility of the two associations.

You will also find documents produced by the association:
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November 2017

ONG Tidène -Presentation Aman Iman – 2012

Nomad’s Land! 2015
The quiet but active life of Tuareg camel.
A day in the life of the Tuareg transhumance south of Agadez in Niger. Passage with their animals, how to survive in an area so hard!
Music: Akaline Kel Assouf
Copyright pictures: Gilles Chappaz, Editing: Jeremie Chenal

Labeling of the association – 6th forum of water – Marseille  – 2011

Association “les Puits du Désert” – 2013

Aman Iman, Water is Life – Aman Iman 2015
The sun rises in the valley Tilène Niger and people gather around water points. Whether the village wells, recognizable by their yellow color for drinking water; or pastoral wells to water the animals; or the garden wells for the production of fruits and vegetables, water is life. Copyright pictures: Gilles Chappaz, Editing: Jeremie Chenal

Draw me a camel – Dessine moi un chameau! 2015
In the heart of the Lago school in Wharatakalt, we attend a drawing lesson with the children..Draw me a camel! The camel is a very loyal animal and can not be separated from Tuareg nomads’ way of life.
The concentrated expressions of the children. Copyright Pictures: Gilles Chappaz, Editing : Jérémie Chenal

Reading, counting, writing- Lire, compter, écrire – 2015

Learning of French in a class in the Lago school in Wharatakalt, Niger. Copyright: Gilles Chappaz, Editing : Jérémie Chenal

Passe-moi ton cheiche – Give me your cheiche – 2015
Music: Tar ami  de Bombino
Copyright: Gilles Chappaz, Editing : Jérémie Chenal

The place of the village – 2015
Music : Ten hert de Tinariwen
Copyright: Gilles Chappaz, Editing : Jérémie Chenal

Do you know the health center of Boudari with the Major Moussa Ousseini?

– A great film about touareg in Aderbissinat (North of Niger)

 Latest magazine of the association 

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